Resourcefulness: Hemming Jeans

When you face a lack of economic resources you learn how to be resourceful.  My favorite stories of resourcefulness came from my great-grandmother who lived through the Depression Era here in the United States.  But in any culture, you make do with what you have when you don’t have the resources to do otherwise.

When I was a young girl (somewhere between 10 and 12) my grandmother gifted me her sewing machine.  She was a seamstress and the machine she gave me was the one her mother had given her.  (It is the same sewing machine that I still own and use to this day.)  She taught me how to sew a dress.

I’m not a gifted seamstress like my grandmother.  But I have been very glad to have learned some basics: sewing simple dresses, mending holes in clothes, hemming, intaking a seam, following a sewing pattern, sewing on a button, etc.

This has saved me a lot of money through the years because whenever a seam starts to come undone or a bead or button falls off a garment, I have been able to just fix it therefore saving the garment instead of needing to buy a new one.

Recently, I’ve come to fall in love with buying clothes at thrift stores (yay for Goodwill’s 1.49 days) and then just adjusting the clothes to fit me better.

Since I’m not an advanced sewer, I was always bothered by hemming jeans.  When you bring the hem up, it doesn’t look like a normal jean hem.  I had read you could bleach the bottom and distress it so that it looks more normal but I didn’t want to even try and therefore ruin a perfectly good pair of jeans.

My aunt is considerably taller than I am, and she gifted me a pair of her jeans that no longer fit.  There were Gap longs (which are really long on me!) but looked brand new.  The jeans fit like a glove (other than the length).

One day I stumbled across this post and decided to try it out.  I figured if I didn’t like it, I could just rip the stitches out and no one would even need to know.  Instead, I tried it and fell in love!  Now I feel confident to buy a pair of jeans, even if they’re too long, knowing that I can just hem them to the perfect length for me.

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